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A Dedicated Father, Husband and Family Man

A loving family man and dedicated public servant, Joe Garcia has called South Florida his home his entire life. In 1963, Joe was born to Joe Sr. and Carmen Garcia at Mount Sinai Hospital. Like many exiles that came to this country seeking freedom and opportunity, Joe’s parents worked hard to get ahead. His dad started out washing cars at Miami International Airport, while his mom waited on tables at the Howard Johnson Hotel on Miami Beach. They didn’t have much money, but Joe’s parents instilled in him values like hard work, love of country, treating others the way you’d like to be treated and faith in God.


Great America Is Our Priority

We must work to ensure fair and equal access to jobs and healthcare for women.America needs a strong, educated class with a quality education.Joe will fight for marriage and equality rights for the LGBT community.It is imperative that we protect healthcare reforms that provide essential services and assistance

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A Lifetime of Service

Never having served in elected office, Joe’s record of public service dates back over two decades.  In 1993, Gov. Lawton Chiles appointed Garcia to the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC), the state agency that regulates utilities.  Serving under both Democratic and Republican governors, Joe made Florida’s families his top priority and helped usher in the single largest energy rate cut in Florida’s history, which meant lower monthly electric bills for Florida’s families in the 1990’s.  Garcia left the PSC in 2000 and was named Executive Director of the Cuban American National Foundation where he became one of the country’s leading advocates for human rights in Cuba and Latin America.

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Read Nancy Pelosi’s Remarks on Articles of Impeachment

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